I am blown away by how amazing my back feels and have had more energy than I’ve had in a long time. Thank you thank you thank you!
— O.A.

Cristy is truly gifted. She has healing hands that seem to always find what your body needs. She works on me, my husband as well as my 8 yr old who has scoliosis. We are blessed to have found her. She’s very knowledgeable really listens to you. Thank you Cristy for all you have done for us.
— Amy R.

The treatment was stunning! I loved it so much. Cliff - my husband booked it for me after moving to Encinitas from Cyprus earlier last month. Having done a lot of remedial work ourselves in the past, we always say that there are only a couple of people in the world that we trust with our bodies. Well... There are 3 now! As Cristy is definitely one of them!!! The psoas release oh my god... felt so good! And I can still feel the relief of that several days later. Also after my last workout, I’ve not felt engagement like that in my mid/upper back for a long time. It feels great! More people get to know about you and your magic 😍 Marta
— Marta W.

Cristy is by far the best massage therapist I’ve worked with. I’m so happy I discovered her and will be a regular client. She’s very responsive to scheduling and deeply skilled at therapeutic techniques including MFR.
— Lola S.

I was referred to Cristy at Encinitas Bodyworks by my chiropractor Dr. David Yoder who is located in the same medical complex. I was rear-ended in a car accident back in August and they were kind enough to take my case on as pro bono until my case is settled. Even though I still feel some after effects from the accident, she’s been able to reduce my pain by 95%. I can even stand up from a lying down position without any real difficulty or strain. Before, I would be in so much pain trying to sit or stand up. I have scoliosis pretty bad, and even though I would be sore at times after her treatments, which she called the “healing crisis”, I would feel so much better a day or two later. She gave me lots of stretches and home-care treatments to follow that also helped, when I did them. I can’t thank her enough for giving me such great care. She really knows what’s she’s doing and she cares about her patients feeling and moving better. 

I really can’t thank you enough for what you did for me & my back, Thank you, Thank you & Thank you!!........Ed
— Ed M.

Cristy is a miracle worker. I went to her about a month ago after seeing her Encinitas Bodyworks sign while at another appointment in her office complex. I had so much pain and tightness in my back it hurt to walk. She takes the time to figure out where you are hurting and then she fixes it. I knew my body needed more than a massage and stumbling across Cristy and Encinitas Bodyworks must have been divine intervention because it was exactly what I needed. I can’t even begin to recommend her enough.
— Rachel S.

Amazing experience with Cristy! A great combination of a therapeutic and relaxing massage. The MFR was a unique and calming yet energizing experience! Best massage of my life! I feel relaxed and very zen. If you want to feel great go see and experience Encinitas Bodyworks!
— Danny A.

Hands down, best massage I’ve had in a long time. Cristy really takes her time to examine your needs and explains in detail how the body functions. The background music was very soothing, clean and relaxing office. Plenty of parking. Thank you Cristy, I’ll be seeing you soon.
— Melissa O.

Huge thanks to Cristy Hunter for helping me rehab with an incredible massage treatment. She gave me a combo of Thai massage, circulatory bodywork and some light MFR ... Truly amazing and reinvigorating after curating a half dozen art shows and lugging heavy SURF STORY book boxes around ... She has her own studio in Encinitas but caters to a small private clientele who love her for her healing powers ... Message her directly for more info ... You will not regret it.
— Robb H.

Cristy is amazing! I threw my back out and she was able to get me upright after a week of being bedridden. Thank you Cristy!
— Ian M.

Most wonderful, relaxing, soothing prenatal massage I have ever had! Let’s just say this, I fell asleep and that never happens to me! The setting is very peaceful and calming and felt like it was the real deal! When I go to get a massage I want to feel special and be pampered and that I was! She listens to your concerns and targets them! She is very knowledgeable on the body and the different ways certain areas need to be targeted. The discomfort I was having in certain areas was no longer there after my massage!!I highly recommend her professional services, she has multiple types of massage to choose from depending on what your needs are! Totally worth every penny! I will be going back and recommending her to all my family and friends!
— Marissa F.

This was my first experience with MFR and it was amazing. MFR was calming and gentle yet therapeutic for my injuries (neck/shoulder). Cristy was very knowledgeable and took her time to address all my concerns and explained to me how MFR worked. It felt like a very healing therapy much more than a regular massage. I’ll definitely recommend for anyone who had injuries.
— Claudia G.

Cristy is an amazing, professional and gifted healer. She is everything you want in a massage therapist. Not only does she listen to you but she tailors her therapy specifically to suit your needs. I received a prenatal massage from Cristy and I’ve never been more relaxed and comfortable even with a big pregnant belly. You really helped this momma to be de-stress and baby loved it too! She danced in my belly during the whole massage. Cristy’s warm energy really transcends and makes for a very soothing experience. Thank you Cristy!
— Gina M.

The consummate professional that will enhance wellness and overall body performance through her amazing skills. When I have the opportunity to bring her on full-time for my family, it will be a done deal.

Be careful, because once you have experienced her skills, all others will fall by the wayside.
— Jay S.

Some of the best massages my husband and I have ever received. She is extremely competent, professional and caring. Cristy makes us feel very healthy and happy!
— Gayle C.

Cristy is an excellent massage therapist. She is attentive, sensitive, personable, pleasant, and always on time. She is great at creating a relaxing environment, and she modifies her massage technique to suit your needs on that day. I highly recommend Cristy- she is truly the best!
— Emily L.

I’ve sought out different massage and bodywork modalities to supplement fitness and wellness, including Hellerwork, Rolfing, deep tissue and sports massage. I can tell you that the particular type of MFR work Cristy does has been a game changer for me. As opposed to other structural integration work that can be outright painful and leave you fatigued, her MFR work is soothing and relaxing. After just a few treatments, chronic tight spots in my neck, shoulders and back feel better than they have in years. Also, the positive effects seem to last longer than the typical day or two of other treatment types — and that’s what I’ve been searching out for a while now. Although she specializes in MFR, she can tailor your treatment with other types of bodywork, such as Reiki and Craniosacral, to enhance relaxation. Her office is small, but apportioned so that the treatment area has adequate room for her to move around. Overall, highly recommended.
— Keith H.